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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Our sim cards are intended for devices that only require gprs data and sms messaging.  WE DO NOT OFFER VOICE PLANS, SO DO NOT PURCHASE OUR SIM CARDS FOR USE WITH A CELLULAR PHONE AS THEY WILL NOT WORK. Please make sure to check with the manufacturer of your device before purchasing. We do not offer any type of refund, return, or exchange.

We offer our data plans on a best effort basis and as such can not be responsible for loss of data, corruption of data or any type of loss as a result. Customers acknowledge that wireless transmission of data is not perfect and shall experience service disruptions from time to time due to carrier interruption. We will however make every effort to assist customers experiencing service disruptions. Customers acknowledge that they are not entitled to any compensation as a result of service disruptions for any reason and will hold GPRSSIM, it employees, agents, distributors, sales persons, owners, affiliates and partners harmless. 


We accept payment by credit card, paypal, bank transfer or certified funds. All data is billed in advance. All data plans are based on a monthly service  and any unused data or sms messages do not carry over. Any overage usage will be billed to the customers account. Customer is fully responsible for data usage of their device(s).

Usage of sim cards

Please note that all sim cards are billed on a monthly basis whether data is used or not. This means that if you do not actually put the sim card in your device or simply leave the sim card in a drawer it is still being billed. You may cancel the service at any time prior to the 26th of the month so as not to incur a billing on the following month. You accept fully responsibility for the amount of data that your device uses and as such are fully responsible for any overage amounts that are incurred from your usage. We are not responsible to ensure that your device consumes less than the amount of data in the data plan that you have purchased. If you are charged with an overage amount as a result of excess data and contest any charges, you will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law where permitted for fraud.