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Technical Support

Our sim cards come with the following information that you will need to make them work in your device:

1. You will need to be able to program the sims APN in your device e.g. "" or "gne" for US coverage.

2. Some sim cards require a user name and password, if your sim requires it, it will be provided to you.

3. If you have purchased SMS messaging you will also receive the associated MSISDN which is the phone number associated with the sim card allowing you to send sms messages to and from the device. As there are no voice plans associated with these sims you can not phone them, you will need to communicate with your device using sms or gprs(tcp/udp).

There is a dramatic difference in cost when using sms vs. gprs(tcp/udp). e.g. Based on the most inexpensive sms plan in the US the cost of an sms is 1.5 cents per message, if you need to send your device an sms message for it to respond then that would be 2 messages a total of 3 cents. This does not sound like very much however there are many devices that can send over 4000 messages per month(GPS Tracking) in the course of normal operation.

For the same scenario sending messages over gprs(tcp/udp) would be more efficient, again using the example of GPS Tracking where the standard message size can be 100-150 bytes a  US 500K data plan  $5.00/month would allow for approximately 3500 messages.

Here would be the cost for both methods based on 3500 messages per month.

SMS $35.00/month    GPRS(tcp/udp) $5.00/month

There are some technical issues when trying to connect to your device via gprs(tcp/udp) with regards to ip address routing. This is where sms has the advantage that you can almost always communicate with your device. This is something that the manufacturer of your device can assist with.

Please make sure to check with the manufacturer of your device what its requirements are. In most cases it is simply a matter of programming your device and it will work right away.